Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take a slice of some cheesy design seen at Milan

Japanese designers Tatsuo Yamamoto and Jun Hashimoto have formed a creative collaboration called BOOKS. They have exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan , where they introduced  their latest creations, the Mozzarella and Net chairs.

Designer talk...The image of this chair is mozzarella cheese—a vital ingredient to the Italian gastronom, which has unique resilience and a simple but light flavor similar to the Japanese tofu. This chair has the smooth and soft texture and the distinctive bounce just like that spoonful of fresh mozzarella cheese made from freshly squeezed buffalo milk.

An easychair created out of one sheet of industrial stainless mesh. How would the ultimate furniture evolve when created from minimum processing and material? This is the latest piece of work in this series, where the designer attempts to create an elegant and comfortable chair out of industrial material and fairly simple techniques. This chair is created by cutting and folding a sheet of industrial stainless mesh and tying it with a fine wire. Other products of this evolution include the Thin Chair and Web Chair.
More contemporary furniture and design at the website of Kevin Hallsworth designer and maker of contemporary bespoke furniture and creator of the Industryindesign collection.

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