Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good golly see the Molly table from Toby Howes...

British furniture designer/maker Toby Howes has created the Molly Desk.

From the designer...
'This piece was inspired by a client I met at The Celebration Of Craftsmanship & Design Exhibition ( at Cheltenham ) who had a passion for 1950’s furniture. He wanted a desk with a distinct ‘Toby Howes’ look that combined a light, suspended-in-air feel with the utilitarianism of the time. What I came up with contrasts light and dark, straight lines and curves, intricate construction with simple style and luxurious materials with sparse design. I love the dichotomy of this piece!

If this is simple style I can't wait to see one of his complicated pieces, typical Cheltenham look perhaps , what do you think??

More contemporary furniture and design at the website of Kevin Hallsworth designer and maker of contemporary bespoke furniture and creator of the Industryindesign collection.

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